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This course is designed by English experts. Want to Speak in English Professionally? Our Online English Classes and Courses provide a safe, inclusive learning community with professional English teacher.

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  • Starting Date : Will notify soon.
  • Class schedule : SAT, MON, WED
  • Class Time : 10:00 – 10:40 pm
  • Total Class Duration : 09+ hrs
  • Total Number of Classes : 12 + Orientation Class
  • Medium of instruction: Bangla and English
  • Recorded Version : Yes
  • Certificate : Yes (Soft Copy)
  • Contact No : 01990602474 (Registration) / 01770527672 (Course Details)
  • Contact email: info@excel-bangla.com / sayeednew2019@gmail.com

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What will you Learn / Learning Outcome:

Class 01:

  • Greetings
    1. How to introduce yourself
    2. Introduction on different situations/circumstances

Class 02:

  • Uses of:
    1.  Can/Can’t,
    2. Could/Couldn’t,
    3.  Able to, Unable to
    4. Some other expressions to be practised

Class 03:

  • Uses of
    1. This, That, These, Those
    2. When, Whether
    3.  Still Vs. Yet
    4.  Even, Even though, Even so, Even if
    5.  Already, Recently, Just, Just now

Class 04:

  • Uses of :
    1. What in different expressions
    2. Either ……. Or, Neither ……. Nor
    3. Some, somebody, somewhere, none, nobody, no where
    4. Any, anybody, anywhere, anything

Class 05:

  • Phonetics and phoneme
  • Phonetic symbol and uses
  • Few confusing words and its pronunciation
  • Frequently used wrong pronunciation and corrections

Class 06:

  • Verb
  • Some uses of verbs in our life and usages
  • Get, got
  • Have/ has to, had to
  • Gotta, Wanna, Lemme, Gonna
  • Not less than, not more than, less, least, at least

Class 07:

  • Think in English
    1. How to think in English
    2. How to make sentence and speak
    3. What to do when / whenever you forget a word
    4. One sentence in different ways / many ways

Class 08:

  • Describing your Daily Routine
    1. How to describe your daily routine?
    2. How’s your job/ study/ day’s going on …..
    3. Asking on Health/related issues
    4. Asking  on someone’s profession/job/ career
    5. Asking about Relatives / family matters / related topic

Class 09:

  • What is British and US ( American English)
  • Difference between British and US.
  • Some exercises using British and American English
  • Difference in spelling
  • Difference in vocabulary
  • Difference in pronunciation

Class 10:

  • Uses of :
    1. Beside and Besides
    2. As well as
    3. In addition to
    4. Apart from
    5. A lot, a lot of, lots of, lots, allot
    6. Hang out, hang on, hang around , hang in
    7. Look at, look into, lookover, look after

Class 11:

  • Uses of –
  1. What??
  2. Have, have got, had, had got
  3. Haven’t, hadn’t
  4. May /might/ can/could/can’t/couldn’t
  5. How dare you
  6. Would you mind
  7. I’m glad to say
  8. I’m / we are happy to say
  9. I’m /we’re sorry to say
  10. Come true
  11. Come to an end

Class 12: 

  • Some phrasal verbs with “Get”
  • Some common mistakes and corrections
  • Practice session
  • Speaking and grooming up.
  • Feedback taken


About Trainer:


Hello! I am Sayeed and I am an English Language Trainer. I have been into English Language Teaching as a second language for more than 10 years in different renowned institutions in

At present I am working as a lecturer at a private college in Dhaka. A decade back I took my graduate and post graduate degree in English Language and Literature . Besides, I am doing my M.A ( 2nd Masters) in ELT ( English Language Teaching) at the University of Dhaka. I am interested in language learning and ponder over how a language works. Among the four essential skills of a language what strikes me highly is ” speaking” as it satisfies our demand of communication. When I sat for my IELTS (2010) exam I was confident enough to cut a good score in speaking. And my score was satisfactory ( Esp in speaking score 7.5, over all :7) .

I do observe some people are very poor in speaking English and they are lagging behind in their respective areas though they have a good academic track record. I underwent a good number of training on communicative English including APTIS and attended on several seminars as well. With this keeping in mind we launch a platform in where anyone can learn how to speak in English in a better way for a better life . In addition , we have a you tube channel too; namely “Sayeed’s English Room” for your practice and learning tips . We strongly believe, if you believe in yourself and ready to be by our side , we are here to make your goal come true. So, without further delay learn Spoken English ( Basic to advance) with us and give us the opportunity to serve you.

English Language instructor
Basic to Advance Spoken English


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